Marilyn Crone has volunteered for the Newton Food Pantry for the past two years. She began by stocking shelves, helping with client paperwork, and writing thank you notes to donors. Now, she is delivering food on Wednesday mornings to senior housing units, and is supervising the our Kids’ Snack Bags. Marilyn is a parent, an educator, and a life long learner with over forty years of experience in classroom teaching and administration. She feels that how we conduct our daily lives in terms of attitudes, values, and beliefs is the most important of classrooms for our children. Marilyn notes that “the critically important work of the Newton Food Pantry provides us all with that ‘classroom’ of opportunities to share our passions while caring for our neighbors in need. Gifts for each of us, and our children.”

In her spare time, Marilyn loves to walk, hike, and cross country ski, especially at her family home in the Berkshires. She also enjoys reading, cooking, and traveling, but what she treasures most is spending time with her friends and her family, including her sister, her three daughters, and her eight grandchildren.

Thank you, Marilyn, for everything you have done for the Pantry!