Just a short two months ago we moved our food distribution back indoors to a pre-pandemic shopping model. Gone are the days of pre-bagging groceries for our afternoon clients and handing out bags in unpredictable weather!

Prior to welcoming clients back inside the Newton Food Pantry to shop, we fully upgraded our HVAC system making sure it continuously replaces indoor air with fresh air. Our clients’ safety has been, and will be, our highest priority.

Clients may not instantly notice our “behind-the-walls” upgrades, but they all certainly noticed the décor changes. Thanks to volunteer designers, we had the privilege of welcoming clients back to a warm and energized space with a dedicated check-in area, waiting area and kids’ zone.

In addition to the warm décor changes, we took the time to reconfigure our shopping space in order to optimize speed and choice, offering a wider variety of culturally specific food and more fresh produce. The Newton Food Pantry is committed to providing a variety of fresh and packaged goods that meet the needs of our clients.

Even though we have seen a three-fold increase in the number of clients served since March of 2020, we have reduced wait times for shopping. We are happy to share that our increased shopping hours, new appointment times and operation changes have all created a more comfortable and efficient experience for our clients.

We will continue to center everything we do in our shopping space around our clients, and we are grateful they have noticed!

Tasha Cannon, a Newton Food Pantry client, told us this month, “You welcomed me back to a new, bright area with more choice and a very welcoming staff. I only shop when I need to. It’s a wonderful help for my family in times of need. I’m very grateful for Newton Food Pantry’s help and support.”

Thank you for making our month, Tasha. We cannot wait to see you and all our clients indoors.

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