After a long day at work, Patty looks forward to dinner with her family. It’s the one time of stillness when they sit together, share a meal and catch up. Patty feels so fortunate that she has not had to worry about food insecurity for her family. 

Life has so many other challenges, feeding your family should not be one of them. This is why Patty ran the 2021 Boston Marathon for the Newton Food Pantry. Food is a basic need, meals are a time when families connect, and everyone should have the opportunity to break bread with their loved ones.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, the 2021 Boston Marathon took place on October 11, and Patty had a great run with lots of friends and family cheering her along the race route. She raised over $8,000 for the Newton Food Pantry. It’s not too late to support Patty Connolly and the Newton Food Pantry.

Congrats Patty!