Food distribution has moved back inside and hours expanded.

Wednesday Shopping • By Appointment: 12:00–3:00pm • Walk-in: 3:00–7:00pm • Details on Get Help page

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The oldest and largest all-volunteer food pantry in Newton. Compassionately serving our neighbors since 1983.

Wednesday Shopping Hours

By Appointment:

Walk-in: 3:00–7:00pm

Helping Newton Residents

If you need food, the Newton Food Pantry can help.

We Need Your Support

We are a 100% donation and volunteer-based organization.

Why Our Community Needs Your Help

Not all of Newton is affluent. 1 in 8 households survive on less than $26,200 in annual income resulting in food insecurity.

One in Eight

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, 1 in 5 families with children are food insecure.

One in Five Families

Only 1 in 3 food-insecure adults used a food pantry, according to a new study by The Greater Boston Food Bank.

One in Three Adults

Volunteer Spotlight

Doug Herrick

“The pantry is very busy on Wednesdays, so I want our crew to do whatever we can to help the Wednesday clients and the volunteers who assist them,” says Doug Herrick, who helps manage the Newton Food Pantry’s Monday deliveries. Find out how Doug keeps things running smoothly week after week.

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Newton Food Pantry News

Partner Spotlight: J.W. Lopes

Newton resident and Vice President of J.W. Lopes, Jeff Kotzen, has once again stepped up to help source our Holiday Meal Boxes. Learn how Jeff pivoted during the pandemic to help both consumers and nonprofits.

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