We greatly appreciate your interest in Kid’s Bags!

Kid’s Bags is a new initiative of the Newton Food Pantry beginning in January 2021. One 8” x 10” bag will be offered and distributed to every child in a family that shops on Wednesday afternoon at the Newton Food Pantry location at Newton City Hall. The bags will have a variety of child-friendly snack foods and drinks meant to be enjoyed by kids between meals during the school week.

The snack bags will be filled by a small number of volunteers on a Saturday morning, once a month, working in two shifts (9-10:30 AM and 10:45-12:15 PM) in the Auditorium at the Newton City Hall. If you would like to volunteer to help with Kid’s Bags, please contact Marilyn Crone at mmc1335@gmail.com.

Also, since children find so much joy in self-expression, it is our hope that you will consider working with your child(ren), friends, neighbors and/or groups on decorating bags for our Kid’s Bags! The guidelines for buying and decorating bags can be found on our website under Ways to Help.