Despite Newton’s image as an affluent suburb,
too many residents struggle to put food on the table.

1 Out of 8 Households in Our City

…survives on less than $25,000 in annual income, according to a 2014 Northeastern University study.

…live in poverty, an increase of 77% over the past 5 years, as shown by a 2015 Boston Business Journal analysis of state education data.

7% of Newton Public School Students

…qualify for and receive free or reduced-cost lunches. In 5 of our 15 elementary schools, a full 30% of children get them, according to the city of Newton.

The Newton Food Pantry serves approximately 750 residents every month, and that number rises every year. More than one-third are children. Many are elderly.

Last year, we distributed over 19,740 bags of food and personal care products – a 20% increase over the past year.

I have been going through a financial hardship these last couple of months, and it’s been very difficult for my husband to support all our family’s basic needs. After paying rent and utilities and providing school supplies to our children, we have less than $100 a week to feed our family.

That is why I want to thank you for helping us cover that week of food for our family of six when our fridge is empty. I hope you know that all the donated fresh vegetables, breads, canned goods and meats go a long way for us.

No one should suffer in silence for lack of food to give your children.