December Volunteer Spotlight: Demi Dansinger

Remi Dansinger started volunteering at the Pantry with her daughters in 2017-2018, but took on a more active volunteer role when the pandemic hit in March, 2020. She used to volunteer on Saturdays doing shopping with clients, and also doing home deliveries. Now, she is the pre-bagging Supervisor for the dry bags that get distributed on Wednesdays.

Remi says, “We are blessed to have a huge pool of volunteers and donors of all ages. Our community has risen to the challenge of providing food to people who need it, generously donating their time and resources to help their fellow neighbors. One positive that has come out of these dark times is realizing how generous and selfless so many neighbors can be.”

Pre-COVID, Remi enjoyed training at the gym, doing spin classes, and socializing. Now, she spends quality family time at home, baking, listening to podcasts, reading, and watching Netflix. She has a very supportive husband and 3 teenagers, and recently adopted a large shelter rabbit named Margo!

Thank you, Remi, for everything that you do for the Pantry!