March Volunteer Spotlight: Don Mackay

Don Mackay has volunteered at the pantry for the past three years. Don works primarily on Mondays, assisting in the run to the Greater Boston Food Bank to load the food truck, then stocking shelves and freezers with the food for future distribution. He has also volunteered for the pantry bike and road race fundraisers. Don says, “This opportunity has taught me how important it is to connect with other people in our lives. The food pantry is a tightly knit group of men and women who all feel that ‘giving back’ is important…I like the physical activity of the work, and I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that this work is really helping people.”

In his spare time, Don has volunteered with the Veterans at City Hall and at the Senior Center, has mentored young people, and recently started getting involved in a foster care program at his church. He and his wife Ann (who have been married for over 51 years!) have three children and two grandchildren. They enjoy spending time together in retirement, especially in active outdoor activities. They have travelled extensively to places such as Scotland, Florida, Nova Scotia, Montreal, Utah, and Switzerland, with the highlight being the six week life-changing walk of El Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Thank you, Don, for everything that you have done for the pantry!