September Volunteer Spotlight: Hope Suttin

Hope Suttin has volunteered for the NFP for at least five years. She serves as a Late Shift Coordinator on Wednesdays, checking in clients and helping to manage the closing process at the end of the shift. She also restocks the shelves and helps clients shop.

Hope got her start at the pantry when her temple, Temple Emanuel, organized a group of its members who were interested in volunteering at the NFP. She says, “I’ve throughly enjoyed and valued volunteering at the pantry. I’ve appreciated how much coordination of many, many individuals and organizations it takes to keep the pantry running as efficiently and as well as it does. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know and become friends with many of my fellow volunteers and I’ve also enjoyed getting to know many of the clients.”

In her spare time, Hope teaches at the Carroll School (a school for students with dyslexia), and currently serves as board chair for Moving Traditions, a non-profit organization that runs educational programs for teenagers. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and her three children.

Thank you, Hope, for everything that you do for the pantry!