Volunteer Spotlight: Binnie Estrada

Binnie Estrada starting volunteering at the Newton Food Pantry about a dozen years ago, when she was looking for something else to do to supplement her volunteer work at the American Cancer Society’s Discovery Shop. She started by sorting and shelving food at the pantry, and then became the pantry’s main buyer for any supplemental items. For the past two years, her focus has been on buying essential non-food items, such as cleaning supplies, primarily from Dollar Tree. She also picks up cookbooks and kids books from the book shed at Rumford Avenue to distribute to clients. Binnie says, “People are very generous and kind. For those of us who are not in need, it is eye opening to work with people who are food insecure. I don’t know how not to help. I think if everyone helped even a small amount, it would be a much better world.”

Binnie also volunteers at the Newton Senior Center once a week at the customer service desk, and helps out with Newton Pride, an organization of gardeners in Newton who nurture seedlings that are planted at various locations around Newton. She also delights in spending time with her four “smart, beautiful” grandchildren.

Thank you, Binnie, for all that you do for the pantry!